Release Notes | 20.5.2


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This release includes modifications to the HMIS Assessment Validations, a third-party software integration into ETO, and several defect fixes.


For this release, the following features were released:

  • ETOC-8477 - Install Pendo throughout ETO

  • ETOC-8695 - Add additional messaging to “Dismiss Participant” alerts pop-up for HMIS Assessment Validations

  • ETOC-8697 - Add additional logic that checks Site AND Program setting for HMIS Assessment Validations

  • ETOC-8821 – Update Enrollment Program Cross-Reference dropdown to show in reverse chronological order

  • ETOC-8822 - Add additional messaging on Exit Assessment when end user chooses current enrollment

  • ETOC-8829 - Modify wording of new elements in HUD Assessment for clarity


The following fixes are in this release:

  • ETOC-7141 - Update ETO Login Page with username example

  • ETOC-8352 – “Unexpected Error” while running HMIS Data Pulls

  • ETOC-8968 - IE: Quicksearch is not properly populating


Releases 20.4.3-20.5.2 were minor maintenance releases without significant release notes. 

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