Release Notes | 20.3.2


Updated over a week ago

This release includes high priority defect fixes.


The following defects are fixed in this release:

[ETOC-7330] – Inactivate ETO Results Session after Log Out

[ETOC-7983] - HMIS: Data Validation Report Error

[ETOC-8141] - HMIS Data Pull: Client.csv RaceNone column not populating correctly

[ETOC-8143] - HMIS Data Pull: CurrentLivingSituation.csv is missing some information

[ETOC-8144] - HMIS Data Pull: IncomeBenefits.csv Amount columns missing decimal places for 0 amount

[ETOC-8151] - HMIS Data Pull: SSNs containing X are not hashing properly

[ETOC-8148] - HUD Assessment: Broken demographic cross-references


20.3.1 was a minor release, with no impact or effect to most customers.

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