SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
SFTP is an added feature utilized by ETO customers to transfer data to ETO.
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SFTP utilizes two files, a configuration file and a data file, which upload in to the accounts ETO Batch Upload.

SFTP is implemented with a Professional Services team. If your account is interested in acquiring SFTP, please contact your Account Manager at accountmanagement@socialsolutions.com

Troubleshooting SFTP

1. Ensure the staff account being used to log in to the SFTP is active/enabled the the site where the Batch Upload will be occurring. 

2. Ensure the Data File and Configuration File have the same name.

3. Ensure the configuration file is being uploaded first, followed by the data file
4. Treat the data like a Batch Upload.

  • Duplicate check settings are in the data file

  • Required questions are completed

  • User has access to add/edit the responses in the UI

  • Touchpoint responses are taken with an appropriate date, in the appropriate program/site

Configuration File

If you have recently changed or updated a question on a Touchpoint or in your participant demographics, it may be necessary to review you configuration file.

You can review the file by downloading a Batch Upload template of the Participant Demographics or of the Touchpoint you are uploading.

The configuration file follows a vertical style and all row names should be identical to the Batch Upload template and the data file.

I've highlighted the column "Begin Date". Below, in my new batch upload template of this Touchpoint, the question was recently changed to "Begin Day"

My configuration file and my data file need to be updated to reflect the new name of the question.

Other Errors

If you are experiencing connection errors, IP address errors, or other issues using SFTP, please reach out to our support team at eto@bonterratech.com. Please provide the configuration file, data file, and the errors you are encountering when uploading.

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