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Release Notes | Batch Upload Attachments
Release Notes | Batch Upload Attachments

Available 3/10/23

Updated over a week ago


This release includes additional functionality for the ETO Batch Upload tool. Now, Site or Enterprise Managers can Batch Upload file attachments to Touchpoint Responses using an SFTP connection. Please contact Support if you are interested in turning on this functionality.

For a step-by-step walk-through, please see this article, otherwise, check out the video!

Feature Summary:

  1. Adds the ability for per Site Touchpoint Response Batch Uploads that include File Attachments

  2. Site Managers and Enterprise Managers can now attach files to Touchpoint Responses through Batch Upload using an SFTP connection.

  3. The Manage My Site page now includes a location to store SFTP keys at a Site level.


  • This release is only available to ETO customers using TouchPoints.

  • No attachments will be overwritten automatically in this process. If you batch upload attachments to a touchpoint response that has existing attachments, those will remain, and the new attachment will be added.

  • Customers must download their own SFTP Client and set up their own SSH public keys before using this feature.

  • SFTP credentials must be configured for each Site.

  • ETO limits each file to a maximum size of 100 MB; it's possible that your SFTP client does not enforce the same restriction. Therefore, we advise you to be mindful of the size of your files when uploading them to the SFTP server. Please ensure that the files you transfer do not exceed our file size limit of 100MB to avoid any errors.

    • Files will be kept for 7 days on the SFTP server, after which they are deleted. Files already uploaded to ETO touchpoint responses would not be affected.

  • The same file can be referenced in multiple touchpoint records.

  • Contact support to have this functionality turned on.

File Name Restrictions

These characters are allowed in the file name you are uploading. Using unsupported characters may lead to ETO being unable to locate your file based on the name.

The following characters are allowed:

Alphanumeric characters

  • 0-9

  • a-z

  • A-Z

Special characters

  • Exclamation point (!)

  • Hyphen (-)

  • Underscore (_)

  • Period (.)

  • Asterisk (*)

  • Single quote (')

  • Open parenthesis (()

  • Close parenthesis ())

Functionality & Features:

Demonstration video:

NEW - Manage My Site SFTP Settings Tab

There is now a new tab on the Manage My Site page where you can store your SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) settings for each Site. A one-time setup per site is required in order to have file attachments for batch upload function. ETO will generate the Host, Host Fingerprint, and Port once you’ve saved your SSH Public Key on the page. The text in each row is available to be copied into your SFTP client.

Once saved, these credentials allow for ETO to setup up a secure connection with your SFTP client and no further setup is needed for your ETO Site on our side. The Site Administrator or Enterprise Manager is responsible for generating their own SSH Public Key and managing their own SFTP client.

If needed, the SSH Public Key can be removed by selecting Remove. Once removed, a new key can be added and saved.

Changes to Batch Upload – TouchPoint Response Template

When you’ve set up a TouchPoint to allow for File Attachments, that Question will appear in the Batch Upload TouchPoint Response template for that specific TouchPoint. It is in that column in the .csv template that you must correctly name the file attachment kept in your SFTP client.

Using the example from the demo above, the cell I2 was given the exact name of the file with no extra spaces. This line is case and character sensitive.

For more information on TouchPoint Response Batch Uploads, please visit:

Supported File Types and Sizes

As you batch upload files, please keep in mind these will contribute towards your total each ETO database has a storage capacity. The amount of storage your database has purchased and the amount you are currently using can be disclosed through our account management team. If you have questions on your remaining storage, they can be reached at

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol for securely accessing, transferring and managing large files and sensitive data. By sharing your SSH Key within ETO and using a SFTP Client (3rd party software) to facilitate a temporary storage place, we can quickly and securely upload the file into ETO for you. The pieces you are responsible for are:

  1. Connecting the SFTP client to ETO by entering in the information from the Manage My Site page into your client.

  2. Placing the correct file name in the Batch Upload template.

Contact Support today if you are interested in turning on this functionality!

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