Release Notes | 20.4.2


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The following fixes are in this release:

  • [ETOC-7346] - Alerts: Multiple alerts are no longer triggered in one program without action being taken

  • [ETOC-7024] - Demographics: Site Level demographics can only be scoped up to Enterprise Level

  • [ETOC-7165] – Entity Batch Upload: List for Entity SubTypes now populates properly

  • [ETOC-7123] – General: Loading circle no longer remains after selecting “Stay on this Page”

  • [ETOC-8173] – General: Selecting “Stay on this Page” keeps end in the same site/program, instead of switching

  • [ETOC-6341] – HMIS: Data Validation Report no longer flags bed stays for clients with multiple enrollments

  • [ETOC-7210] – HMIS: Data Validation Report recognizes updated Transgender options

  • [ETOC-8031] - HMIS: Recurring data pulls run without erroring out

  • [ETOC-7331] – Participants: Cannot edit and save address history without filling out required fields

  • [ETOC-7912] – Referrals (NEW): Accepting a referral now enrolls a participant immediately, despite Projected Start Date being in the future

  • [ETOC-8237] - Results: Can edit custom universes without being redirected to Manage Report Universes

  • [ETOC-5079] – TouchPoints: Questions that appear in View Mode will now also appear when printing

  • [ETOC-7249] – TouchPoints: Address Field no longer locks Touchpoints

  • [ETOC-7610] - TouchPoints: Element Cross Reference on M Participant and Family now populate with appropriate data

  • [ETOC-6380] – User Accounts: Staff login/logout times are now correctly shown in reports 

  • [ETOC-8252] – User Accounts: All new users will now be directed to the new UI, not old UI

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