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Internal Referrals | Enable Services Needed
Internal Referrals | Enable Services Needed


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The Enable Services Needed setting allows users to enable/disable services needed in a referral form. This setting is used to identify the Participant's needs as they pertain to the referral. The Services Needed list pulls from the Services Provided feeder table and will dictate the Programs and Entities that are returned in the Service Provider search based on the services provided by the Program/Entity.

How To Access

  1. Log in to your ETO account.

  2. From your Navigation Bar, select "Manage Referral Forms".

3. Select the Referral Form you intend to edit and click the "Edit" button to the right of the form row.
4. Select "Edit Referral Form Settings" on the top of the page.

5. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to Enable Services Needed. Check the box based on your referral needs.

6. Click the Save button. 

Manage Program Services Provided

  1. From your Navigation Bar, go to "Site Administration" > "Manage Programs".

2. Edit Program.
3. In the "Information and Settings" tab see "Services Provided".

4. Select which types of services this Program provides. Check all that apply.

Note: the Services Provided and Services Needed choices will determine which Programs may be eligible in the referral process.

Manage Services Provided List

  1. From your Navigation Bar, go to "Site Administration" > "Manage Feeder Tables".

2. Find "Services Provided"

  • Required = column one; Disable = column two

3.  Add services for your Program or Site.

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