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Standard Report | Participant Face Sheet (WebI)
Standard Report | Participant Face Sheet (WebI)

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This report provides you with a different look at the demographic and contact information for a specific Participant. In addition, on each face sheet, there is a link to Print No. 10 Envelope. This will print the Participant's address out in to fit on a standard envelope size.


Participant Name


Sectioned by:

  • Participant Unique Identifier Section - This section displays basic information about a single Participant, with the section header displaying the Participant's unique identifier in ETO. This identifier will be the Participant's case number if the case number demographic in ETO is set to View Only.

  • Print Mailing Envelope Hyperlink - The hyperlink at the top of the section will open a report formatted to mailing envelope print size and with the Participant's name and address from the Participant demographics.

  • Basic Contact Information

  • Standard Demographics Table - The first table in the report contains the Participant's Standard Demographic information. This table contains basic Participant contact and demographic information.

  • Other Contact Information

  • Custom Demographics Table - The second table in this report contains all custom demographic information recorded for the Participant. This includes the name of the custom demographic and the value recorded for the Participant.

  • Family Members - The third table in this report contains information about the family members recorded for the Participant, if the Participant is a member of a family. Information in this table includes the name of the family member, the name of the family, and their relationship as recorded in the family.

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