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Standard Reports Available via View Reports feature #Reporting #StandardReport

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Standard Reports Available via View Reports feature 

The launch of ETO Results included the introduction of a set of standard reports created by Bonterra with the ETO Results tool.  These reports are unique because they were built using WebI (Web Intelligence) rather than Crystal Reports. WebI Reports are far more flexible than Crystal Reports as they contain filter options and can be edited. Links to the Crystal Reports found on the Standard Reports page also appear on the View Reports page. The top section of this page is labeled My Reports and contains ETO Results standard reports (as well as ETO Results custom reports if applicable).

Note: ETO Results standard reports can be edited, and Crystal standard reports cannot.

These reports are found in the first section on the page, My Reports.  If applicable, ETO Results Custom reports will also appear in this section.  Below is a list of ETO Results standard reports: 

  • Active Families

  • Active Households

  • Aggregate Survey Response Report

  • Assessment Aggregates

  • Assessment Comparison

  • Assessment Completion Report

  • Assessment Weights and Measures by Program

  • Assessment Weights and Measures Individual

  • Attendance

  • Attribute Report - Active Entities

  • Box Score

  • Collections Details Report

  • Current Caseload Report

  • Demographic - Active Enrolled Dismissed

  • Demographic Quality

  • Demographic - Served

  • Employment Information by Demographic

  • Employment Placements and Retention

  • Enrollments and Dismissals

  • Entity Efforts and Notes

  • Entity Efforts and Notes with Effort Qualifiers

  • Entity List Report

  • Entity Profile Report

  • ETOAnalyzer

  • ETOCorrelation

  • ETOSoftware Standard Individual Scorecard Report

  • ETOSoftware Standard Score Card Report

  • General Efforts and Notes

  • General Efforts and Notes with Effort Qualifiers

  • Groups Report

  • Outbound Referrals Report

  • Participant Efforts and Notes

  • Participant Efforts and Notes with Effort Qualifiers

  • Participant Efforts to Outcomes Report – Numeric Increase/Decrease Outcomes

  • Participant Efforts to Outcomes Report – Value Increase.Decrease Outcomes

  • Participant Last Contact Report

  • Participant List

  • Participant Profile

  • Participant Referral History

  • Population Builder

  • Referral - Program Relationships

  • Response Weights and Measures

  • Response Weights and Measures by Program

  • Review Family Efforts

  • Review Participant Efforts

  • Scorecard Input Report

  • Standard Participant Matches Report

  • TouchPoint - Aggregate Responses

  • TouchPoint - Blank TouchPoint

  • TouchPoint - Case Notes Report

  • TouchPoint Flat File

  • TouchPoint - Response Report

  • TouchPoint - Review TouchPoints

  • TouchPoint - Submission Report

  • Workflow - Active Subjects

  • Workflow - Aggregate Completion

Editing ETO Results Standard Reports

Customers with a SaaS license or customers with other licenses who have purchased the ETO Results add-on may customize the standard ETO Results reports.

Step 1 – Launch the report you wish to edit

Step 2 – Go to the Document menu > Save As > Public Folders >Type a unique name, for example "Custom Participant Profile".

Step 3 – Close the report and click the View Reports feature on the Navigation Bar.

The name of the new version of the report will appear in the My Reports section.

Step 4 – Click the link to launch the report.

  • There will be an Edit button in the upper right corner next to the Refresh All button in the top tool bar. Clicking on this button will take you into the Edit Report view of ETO Results. This view will allow changes to the format, for example, the addition of your organization's logo.

  • Click the Edit Query button to view the underlying structure of the report, to add fields, etc.  

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