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Step 1 - Enter the question text in the text box.

Step 2 - Select if you would like to use a pseudonym.

  • If yes, insert text.

Step 3 - Select if you would like to capture one response for multiple subjects.

  • This is used for participant (multiple), entity (multiple), family, and collection subject types.

Step 4 - Select if this question requires an answer before being saved.

Step 5 - Set the question placement options.

Step 6 - The Advanced Date Formatting allows you to restrict the date taken field to a set number of days in the future or the past from the audit date OR restrict it based on the program enrollment.

  • If left unchecked, users will be able to enter any date when recording the TouchPoint.

  • If either of the two options to restrict the date taken to X number of days in the future/past of the audit date are checked, only a date within the selected time frame can be entered.

  • If "don't allow the date to be outside of a program enrollment when recording" is checked, the user must enter a date that falls within the program enrollment dates for the program where the response is being recorded.

Recording with this Element Type

When filling out the date element type with the advanced date formatting set, you will receive errors if you attempt to enter a date that is outside of the set parameters.

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