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This element creates a field to track the amount of time spent on a task. Administrators can choose to track time in hours, minutes, or both. The reason to use this field instead of the numeric field is that the reporting tied to this field respects that this information is tracking time. The time will also appear next to a user's "Total Time Spent" section of the Review Staff Efforts (New) page.

Step 1: Enter the question text in the text box. 

Step 2: Select how you would like the time to be recorded: hours, minutes, or both.

Step 3: Select if you would like to use a pseudonym.

Step 4: Select if you would like to capture one response for multiple subjects.

  • This is used for participant (multiple), entity (multiple), family, and collection subject types.

Step 5: Select if this question requires an answer before being saved.

Recording with this Element Type

When filling out the time spent element type, simply enter the number of hours, minutes, or combination of the two.

Hours Only:

Minutes Only: 

Both Hours and Minutes: 

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