Question Element | Start/End Time


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This element creates two fields: one for start time and one for end time. The Administrator can specify whether the time will display either AM/PM or a 24 hour scale. This selection will remain for the question going forward.

Step 1 - Enter the question text in the text box.

Step 2 - Check the box if you would like to use military time (24 hour clock) instead of a 12 hour clock with AM/PM.

Step 3 - Insert text for the start time label and the end time label.

Step 4 - Select if you would like to use a pseudonym.

Step 5 - Select if you would like to capture one response for multiple subjects.

  • This is used for participant (multiple), entity (multiple), family, and collection subject types.

Step 6 - Select if this question requires an answer before being saved.

Step 7 - Set the question placement options.

Recording with this Element Type

When filling out the start/end time element type, simply select numbers from the drop-down boxes.

If recording in the 12 hour format, be sure to select AM or PM.

If recording the 24 hour format, there will be no AM/PM drop-down.

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