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Default User Role: Staff

This feature provides staff with a viewable and printable report of nearly all data entered for the selected Participant, including:

TouchPoints, Efforts (recorded through Participant Efforts, Multiple Participant Efforts, Record Attendance, or Record Hours of Attendance), Referrals (recorded through Add Referral or Multiple Participant Referrals, job placements (recorded through Add Employment Record or Update Employment Record), education placements (recorded through Add Education Record or Update Education Record), and Participant Assessments.

This page can be configured via Manage Review Efforts Templates to hide or display record types according to the configuration and/or user needs. It provides a compelling report of your organization’s efforts towards meeting outcomes for individual Participants. In addition, it is a very effective method of communication between different staff working with the same Participant. 

To get started:

  • Select Review Participant Efforts under the Participant History section of the navigation bar.

  • Search for a Participant by full or partial Last Name, SSN or Case Number.

  • In the list of results, click on the desired Participant.

  • Select the date range and click Submit. 

At the top of the report is a header row containing:

  • A link to the View/Edit Participant screen

  • A link to record a new Participant Effort

  • A link to record a new TouchPoint

  • A link to record a new Participant Assessment

  • The date range can be modified using the date pickers at the top of the page and clicking “Go”. 

Please note: When viewing Employment Records, the date range will correlate to Employment/Project Start Date and NOT the date the employment record was added or updated. 

  • The Scope can be changed to view information entered across the site, or within select programs.

  • The default scope is “Program”, which will show data from the currently selected program.

  • The scope for “Site” will show data from all programs in which the Participant is or has been enrolled.

  • The “Custom” scope allows users to select specific programs and see a summary of all data entered within those programs.

  • The “Enterprise” scope shows all services provided to a Participant or a Family across the enterprise. 

The header row is followed by Participant Information, including: Participant Name, Case Number, Site, report Period (according to dates selected), and Program(s) in which the Participant is enrolled. 

The Overall Statistics section displays sums and calculations (e.g., number of assessments recorded, attendance, time spent, etc.) used to track efforts on the selected Participant in the selected date range. The display of particular data types can be configured via Manage Review Efforts Templates

Finally, the Detailed Statistics section displays a series of toggles—or plus (+) signs—that allow the user to expand each of the data types (e.g., TouchPoints, Participant Point of Service Elements, etc.) to drill into records on file. 


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