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This element creates a question with two weighted answers. The text of the answers defaults to be "Yes" and "No" but can be edited to say something else, like "True" and "False." The weights default to be 1 and 0 and cannot be edited. Additional values cannot be added to the list of answers.


Step 1: Enter the question text in the text box.

Step 2:ย 

Enter text for the two choices.

  • The choices will default to "Yes" and "No."

Step 3: Select if you would like to track the weighted values when looking for change over time.

  • For example, to monitor risk-taking behavior over time, the values can be weighted with more risky behaviors at 3 and less risky behaviors at 1 and the goal would be to track a decrease over time.

Step 4: Select if you would like to use a pseudonym.
Step 5: Select if you would like to capture one response for multiple subjects.
Step 6: Select if this question requires an answer before being saved.
Step 7 - Set the question placement options.
Step 8: Click the Save button.

Recording with this Element Type

When filling out the Yes/No element type, simply click the radio button associated with the response you would like to record.

If the response does not require an answer, you will see the button to Clear Selection. This allows you to unselect both radio buttons. Questions that require an answer will not have this Clear Selection button because the form cannot be saved if there is no answer.

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