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Housing Check-In/Out | How to Check-In to Housing
Housing Check-In/Out | How to Check-In to Housing


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Housing features can be use to track Participant occupancy of housing facilities or emergency shelters. You must first set up your Housing via Manage Housing (a Site Navigation feature that allows the creation of Units and Rooms). Once set-up, Participants can be checked in and out of rooms.

To Check-In a Participant: 

1. Select Record Efforts on the Navigation Bar
2. Select Housing Check-In
3. Expand the Unit you are checking the Participant into using the plus sign
4. Click Manage next to the Room into which you would like to check the Participant
5. Select Add New Occupants(s)
6. Search by either Participant or Family
7. Select either:

Add to - this will immediately Add the Participant to the Room using the date you enter

Reserve Bed - this will allow you to enter the date the Participant will occupy the room in advance

8. If you would like to enter a date of occupancy in the past, check Backdate Occupancy Start Date (This has no affect on Reservations) and enter the correct date
9. Click Add Checked Participant(s) to
10. Click OK

The Participant is now Checked Into the Room and will remain there until Checked-Out.

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