To delete or edit the Start or End dates that a Participant was Checked Into a Room, you can Manage that Room and either Edit the Occupancy or Edit History. There are two ways to complete this process.  Using Manage All Rooms HMIS:

  1. Select Record Efforts on the Navigation Bar

  2. Select Manage All Rooms HMIS 

3. On this page, you will see a lay out of all Units, Rooms, and their Occupants. 

4. Select 'Manage Room' next to the Room containing the record you would like to delete or edit 

5. On this page, you can Edit the current occupancy by Clicking Edit

- Edit the Occupancy Start, Reservation Date, and/or Occupancy End
- Click Submit

To Edit Room Occupancy History:

  1. From the Manage Room page, you also have the option to Click 'Edit Room History' at the top right of the page to view records of all past occupants

- If needed, narrow down the history to a date range by entering dates in the fields at the top right of the page
- Click in the Occupancy Start Date, Reservation Date, and/or Occupancy End Date fields to edit these dates
- Check the Delete box if you would like to delete the occupancy
- Click Submit to save your changes.
- Click OK to proceed

You can also access this page using Housing Check-In:

  1. Select Record Efforts 

  2. Click Housing Check-In 

  3. Expand the Unit  

  4. Click Manage next to the Room 

  5. Follow the same steps listed above to delete or edit an occupancy

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