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Default User Role: Staff

This new feature was developed to make life easy for staff working in emergency shelters. Now, users will have the ability to add new participants on the spot. Previously, the Add New Participant page would need to be completed before a participant could be checked into a room. With the Housing Check In Beta, if a participant does not exist in ETO®, a participant record is created on that page, with only first and last name. The participant is flagged as new until the View/Edit Participant page is updated.

This feature makes it quick and easy for individuals to be added to rooms without having completed the Add New Participant page. This will be very helpful for organizations that serve large populations that don’t have a tendency to repeatedly utilize services, such as emergency shelters. Housing Check-In eliminates the need to complete the Add New Participant page before adding a participant to a bed.

*This Add Participant to Room functionality only works for rooms set up with 1 bed each.

Step 1: Make sure that rooms are configured in the selected program. This is done by the Site Administrator with the Manage Housing feature.

Step 2: Click on Housing Check-In. Click the toggle to the left of the Unit name (Downtown Shelter, for example) to view the rooms.

Step 3: Click on the Manage Room link to access the Manage Rooms page, which mirrors the Manage Rooms feature on the Navigation Bar.

OR, click Add Participant to Room to utilize the new, quick, and easy housing check in. Search for a participant using “last name, first name” format.

A list of matches will generate, if applicable. If no matches come up, there is an option to add the new participant, and determine the occupancy start date.

Step 4: The participants added in this fashion will be flagged as NEW until their View/Edit Participant page is updated.

Housing Check-Out is very quick and easy to use. Check the participant(s) who needs to be checked out of a room, determine the check out date(s), and click save.

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