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Default User Role: Staff

If you’re providing housing services, this is one of three options for managing occupancy in a shelter or residence. Your Administrator can use Manage Housing to set up your specific rooms (e.g., “Apt. 3”) in as many units as you manage. Setting up rooms allows you to track which Participants are in which rooms/units on a regular basis.

  • The Manage All Rooms functionality starts with a full list of all your rooms and current occupant information when applicable.

  • Each room lists the current number of Beds Available, Beds Filled, Beds Reserved, % Filled/Reserved and any Attributes of the room (i.e. Women Only).

  • Each room contains a “Manage Room” link in blue to the right of the record, which allows you to “Add New Occupant(s)” to the room (using “Participant” or “Family” search functionality), Edit the history of a room or “Exit” an Occupant from a room.

  • Click the printer icon in the upper right hand corner to print a list of the current occupants.

  • To add an occupant, click the “Add New Occupant(s)” button at the bottom of the page and search by participant name or family name and click Go to see the results.

  • Each record will have the option to “Add to Room” or “Reserve Bed”.

  • Reserving a bed creates a temporary placeholder for the participant to prevent over-booking the room.

  • Select the participants you would like to add to the room or reserve a space.

  • If you are backdating the start date of occupancy, check the box at the bottom of the list and select the desired date.

  • Click “Add” to place the participants in the room. Once a participant has a reservation, you have the option of selecting “Enter” to place them in the room or “Cancel Reservation”. Select the desired option and click “Update” to submit.

  • Check the “Exit Room” check box, fill in the exit date at the bottom of the list, and click "Update” to remove participants from the room.

  • After exiting a participant from the room you can automatically dismiss them from the program at the same time. You will be asked if you want to dismiss them from the program and by answering “Yes” you will be taken to a second screen to select their program end date and reason for dismissal. (See:  Dismiss Participants for additional details)

Additional features of the page include:

  • Next to each current record there is an “Edit” link that allows you to edit the start date of the participant in the room.

  • There is a link at the top of the screen to Edit Room History where you can edit all historical records for the selected room in a date range.

  • Select the date range at the top of the screen (default range is the previous month) to see all participants with an occupancy start date during the date range.

  • Click the calendar icon next to each date to change it or type in the desired date.

  • Click “Go” to see the results.

  • If you have more than 20 records, use the options at the top of the list to adjust the page size or scroll to the next page.

  • Edit start and end dates as needed or check the “Delete” box to completely remove the record.

  • Click “Submit” at the bottom to save your changes.

  • Click the “Manage Room” link at the top of the screen to return to the previous page.

  • To print the screen, select the printer icon in the upper right hand corner.

NOTE: This feature should be used if participants will be added to rooms multiple times, i.e. a homeless shelter. “Manage All Rooms” (not HMIS) does not keep historical information on multiple occupancies for the same participant record.

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