Required Addresses in Address History


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Why can I save Address History without entering demographics I have marked as required?


The setting to make demographics required (via Manage Demographics) applies this setting to the View/Edit Participant page. You cannot save the View/Edit Participant page without filling out the required demographics.
When you choose to collect Address History (How to Collect Address History), these demographics are recorded on a separate Address History page. The required settings selected in Manage Demographics do not apply to this page, as it is intended to document changes in address over time. This is why you are able to save an address without the demographic values that are required in View/Edit Participant in the Address History page.
If a required field was not submitted in Address History and you return to View/Edit Participant, you will be unable to save the page. In this case, you should select the option to Edit Participant Address History and add the field that was not submitted.

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