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Participant Address is one of ETO's standard demographics. The Address field can be updated via View/Edit Participant or Batch Upload. However, if you would like to capture changes in a Participant's Address over time, you can enable Collect Address History.

How to Enable Address History Collection:

  1. Select Site Administration from the Navigation Bar

  2. Select Manage Demographics

  3. Find Demographic Settings section beneath the Add Demographic button.

  4. Check "Collect Address History"

  5. Click Save

Now when you go to a Participant's View/Edit page, Address will be view-only. Changes in Address will be saved on a different page.

To Edit Address History:

  1. Begin on Participant's View/Edit Page

  2. Next to Address 1, Select Edit Participant Address History (This demographic field must be enabled in order to edit address history)

  3. Press OK to accept that changes to View/Edit will not be saved when navigating away

  4. You will see a list of Addresses with Date Range

  5. Select the Pencil Edit Take Action icon to the left of the Address you would like to edit

  6. Make the desired changes

  7. Click Save

  8. To add a new address (such as if the Participant relocated), click New.

Note: With Collect Address History enabled, when updating Address via Batch Upload, the Address will be changed in View/Edit but the change will not be added to Address History due to the nature of Batch Upload.

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