Building an ETO Insight Population


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*ETO Insight is not functional as of October, 2021. This note will be removed if and when this status changes.

The Population Builder allows an organization to define which subjects should be included in an aggregate Insight. Users can use a standard set of filters to narrow down who should be included in the graph. You may check your population size as you go by clicking Refresh Population on the left side of the screen. 

To build a Population:

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click ETO Insight.

  2. Select Manage Populations.

  3. Click Build Population at the top of the screen.

  4. Name your population.

  5. If you are filtering on a demographic or attribute, select that from the drop-down. 

  6. In Filter for this Value, enter the value of the demographic you wish to measure.

  7. Under Program and Enrollment filters, select the sites and programs you want data for. Use Ctrl to select more than one. 

  8. Select an enrollment date range if you are looking for data in a specific time period.

  9. Under TouchPoint and Collection Filters, filter your population based on responses to a particular TouchPoint or TouchPoint element.

  10. If your population includes a collection, you may filter for collections using "That are part of these Collections." 

  11. Click Save.

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