FAQs | HIPAA and TouchPoint Security


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How are ETO TouchPoint responses encrypted?

ETO data is AES 256 bit-encrypted during all transfers of data.

How do you secure data sent between applications?

Our web servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to authenticate servers and clients before any data is sent between applications.

How does ETO track or time stamp revisions to TouchPoint responses?

Updates to TouchPoint responses can be reported on through ETO Results. We have an audit trail that shows the most recent update.

What user roles have access to edit a TouchPoint response authored by someone else?

This can be managed on a form-by-form basis. Access level can be set by the Site Administrator based on user roles and who completed the TouchPoint.

What safeguards are in place to ensure unintended alterations to TouchPoint responses?

TouchPoint security can be managed to prevent users from having the ability to update TouchPoints and their responses at all or after a certain time frame.

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