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An Alert is an automated message sent within ETO or via email to a specific set of individuals based on actions taken within ETO. In order create a new alert, users must first create and test Core Conditions, and create a Recipient Group.

Step 3 - Click Manage Alerts under the Site Administration section on the Navigation Bar.

Step 4 - Click the Add New Alert on the top left.

Step 5 - Name the Alert.  

Step 6 - Select the desired Core Condition in the Trigger drop box within the Trigger Tab.

Then set the desired Due Date to appear with the Alert.

Step 7 - Select the desired Sites and Programs for which the Alert should be triggered within the Availability tab.

Step 8 - Write the desired Alert Message within the Content tab. Notice that you can select data from ETO to dynamically merge into the message by dragging the items from the Reference Column on the left into the Message box on the right.

NOTE: Normally, when an Alert generates an email, only the “Subject” is included in the email text. That’s because the “Message” section can include data (and potentially PII) from the database. 

Support has a waiver that has to be signed in order to turn the customization on because of the potential for PII to be release via email in the application if not utilized properly. Please email us at to begin this process.

Step 9 - Use the Links tab to add action links to the Alert that direct recipients to the appropriate ETO screens that allow them to complete actions specified in the Alert message. Links will appear with the alert content if the recipient has the correct security to access the link's destination. If the user does not have the correct security, the link will not appear at all.

View Dashboard, Dismiss from Program, and Record TouchPoint, are just some of the link examples. Options like Record TouchPoint allow for further direction by selecting the specific TouchPoint under Available Values.

Step 10 - Select the desired Recipient Group(s) to receive the Alert within the Recipients tab.

Then check the Send Email option to have Recipients receive the Alert as an email in addition to seeing the Alert within ETO.

Step 11 - Use the Manage Alert tab to grant Users the ability to manage the Alert.

Step 12 - Use the Summary tab to see an overview of the parameters you have set and once satisfied with the settings Save the Alert.

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