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The content of an alert is what the recipient sees when the alert is activated. For recipients inside the Enterprise, this appears on a User's Dashboard, or under View Alerts (from the Navigation Bar, select "My Work" > "View Alerts"). For recipients outside the Enterprise (such as an Entity), the message will appear as an email and only contain the subject line. Before creating the content of an alert, be sure to create the Core Conditions and Recipient Group.

The content an of alert is created much like an email, with recognizable formatting buttons such as Bold and Italics, Alignment, and even List options. A finished alert content message might look something like this:

The content section also includes references to pull data directly from an Enterprise in two places: Trigger Information, and General Information.

Trigger Information is information specific to the trigger of the alert. If the trigger was a TouchPoint this will be TouchPoint information. If the trigger was Program enrollment it will be Program information.

General Information is information about the participant, such as demographic values. If selecting TouchPoint, Referral, or Workflow it will act as a cross reference element and show the most recent value for whatever element was selected for that participant. If information older than the most recent value should be displayed, the Trigger Information should be used.

This data will appear in the message body with a $ at the beginning and end of the string, such as $Trigger.SubjectName$ or $General.Demographic.Value.[4436]$.

To add one of these references, simply drag and drop the desired reference into the body of the message. It will always appear as the first line in the message body, regardless of where it is dropped. Highlight the complete reference, including $ on either side, and cut and paste it to the appropriate place in the message.

A finished alert might look something like this when viewed from the Dashboard:

NOTE: When an Alert generates an email, only the “Subject” is included in the email text. That’s because the “Message” section can include data (and potentially PII) from the database. 

Support has a waiver that has to be signed in order to turn the customization on because of the potential for PII to be release via email in the application if not utilized properly. Please email us at to begin this process.

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