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Viewing Alerts from Site Navigation and Adding the Alerts Part to Dashboards. #Alerts

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Step 1 - Click the My Work option from the Navigation Bar.

Step 2 - Click View Alerts. 

Current Alerts will display in the Active Alerts tab.  

Alerts that have been dismissed will display under the Dismissed Alerts tab.

Note: ​Alert links will only be available if the user is accessing the alert from a Site/Program where they can complete the action. If the link is to a TouchPoint for that exists in another Site/Program, the user will need to first navigate to the appropriate place and then access the Alert.


Recent Alerts can be added to Participant, Staff, and Entity Dashboards and Dashboard Templates.

When editing a Dashboard or Dashboard Template follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to the Dashboard (Staff, Entity, Participant) or Template (Manage Dashboard Templates) that you wish to edit

In the image, we navigate to a staff dashboard that already has the "My Recent Alerts" part added

Step 2 - To add this part to your own dashboard, click "Edit Dashboard"

Step 3 - Add ETO Parts

Step 4 - Add Alerts, Choose the "Zone" you wish to add to, and Add

Dashboard Templates:

Step 1 - Navigate to Site Administration > Manage Dashboard Templates

Step 2 - Choose the template, and press the edit button.

Step 3 - Add ETO Parts > Add Alerts > Add to a Zone

Step 4 - Select "Done Editing"

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