Manage Rooms

#HMIS One option for managing occupancy in shelters or residences.

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Default User Role: Staff

If you’re providing housing services, this is one of three options for managing occupancy in a shelter or residence. Your Site Administrator can set up using Manage Housing for your specific rooms (e.g., Apt. 3) in as many residences as you manage, after which you can track which Participants are in which rooms on a regular basis.

• This feature is the easiest way to manage multiple Participants in housing at the same time.

• The Manage Rooms functionality starts with a list of your currently enrolled Participants, including read-only information about their room and how long they’ve been residing there.

• This functionality also allows you to Enter a Participant into a room if they are not currently occupying a room; or to Exit a Participant from a room if they are currently occupying a room.

• You also can check All Participants Currently Occupying a Room or All Participants NOT Currently Occupying a Room, which will automatically check all Participants who meet either of these criteria.

To work with a Participant, follow these steps:

  1. Check the box next to your Participant(s) and Submit.

  2. If you are working with a Participant currently occupying a room and wish to Exit the Participant from the room, click Exit and use the date picker to pick your Exit date, and Submit.

  3. If you are working with a Participant NOT currently occupying a room and wish to enter the person into a room:

  • click Enter and pick your room from the drop-down list

  • use the date picker to pick your 'Enter' date, and Submit.

  • We have provided a quick link to 'Yesterday' when picking the date, as this is often the date used when entering a Participant into a room.

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