The user can navigate to the Demographic Audit Report from the View/Edit Participant (NEW) or View Participant information (NEW) feature. 

On the top of the screen, the report will identify (1) the date the Participant was first enrolled in the site, (2) the user who most recently modified a demographic and (3) the date that modification occurred. 

Within the Audit Report, the following will be displayed: Demographic, Old Value, New Value, and Audit Date. The trail is then broken down by program and the user responsible for making the change.

The Audit Report allows users to filter for changes made to selected demographics. In the example below, the user filtered for the standard demographic, Address 1.

The Demographic Audit Report also allows users to filter results by:

  • Program: Program for which the users was in when the change was made

  • Modified by: User responsible for making the change

  • Date Modified: The actual date that the change occurred

In the example below, the user filtered for demographic changes in the Central Intake program modified by user, Zareen Hansoita.

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