Manage Reports | Report Categories


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Step 1 - Navigate to View Reports then click Manage Reports

Step 2 - Click Manage Categories

Step 3 – Click the Add New Category button to create a new custom category.

Step 4 – Give the custom category a name and a description.

Step 5 – Select the category scope from the drop-down (site or enterprise) and check the box to enable the category.

  • If Site is selected, the category will only be available in the site it was created in.

  • If Enterprise is selected, the category will be available across the enterprise.

  • Checking the Enabled box will make it enabled when saved.

  • Unchecking the Enabled box will make it disabled when saved. 

Step 6 – Click the Add link in the Take Action column.

Step 7 – Once created, custom categories can be disabled/enabled (like standard categories) or deleted.

Step 8 – Click the edit link to change the category's name, description or scope. Then click Save when done.

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