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Query Wizard | Active Participants in a Date Range
Query Wizard | Active Participants in a Date Range


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To Build a Query for Active Participants:

  1. Go Wizards on the Navigation Bar.

  2. Select Query Wizard

  3. On Step 1: Select a Subject - move Participants to the selected box

  4. Click Continue

  5. On Step 2: Select a Focus Area - move Participant Information and Program History to the selected box (if you need additional data in your query results, such as Custom Demographics or Participant Mailing, move those focus areas over as well)

  6. Click Continue

  7. Step 3: Select Details - Within the Participant Information focus area, leave Participant Unique Identifier, Participant First Name, and Participant Last Name selected. Select any other needed fields.

  8. Step 3: Select Details - Within the Program History focus area

  • Turn the filter on to select one or more programs.

  • Turn the filter on for Program Start Date and select less than.

  • Enter the last date of the date range, plus one day.

  • Turn the filter on for Term Date for Active and select greater than the first date of the date range, minus one day.

For example, if you wanted to see all Participants active in the calendar year 2016, set the filters as follows:
Program Start Date less than January 1, 2017
Term Date for Active greater than December 31, 2015

9. Click Continue

10. Select Yes to view your results.

The filters in the query wizard are not inclusive, meaning the less than filter is not less than or equal to, and the greater than filter is not greater than or equal to. This is why we included dates from 2015 and 2017 in the example above, which ensures every day in 2016 is included in the filtered date range.
Note: If all that is needed is a count of Active Participants in a date range, the standard Program Enrollment Report includes that information, as well as a list of the Participants’ names and dates of birth. The Site-wide Enrollment Report includes an aggregate count of all active Participants in the site, with a breakdown by program.

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