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Query Wizard | Find Participant Site Identifier
Query Wizard | Find Participant Site Identifier

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Participant Site Identifiers are utilized in Batch Upload, ETO Results, and by our SQL team. The Participant Site Identifier is also known as Participant Unique Identifier and CLID.

  1. Open the Navigation Bar, click on Wizards.

  2. Click on Query Wizard.

  3. Select Participants, and move it to the Subject Selected box. 

   4. Click Continue.

   5. Select Participant Information and move it to the Focus Areas Selected box. *Note: If you want to filter your results based on Program or any other specific focus area, these areas will need to be selected as well.  

     6. Click Continue.

     7. Participant Unique Identifier will already be selected. This is the same value as            the Participant Site Identifier. 

    8. Select any additional filters you wish to use and click Continue.

The resulting Query Wizard report will generate a list of Participant Site Identifiers and any other information based on the focus areas and filters selected.
This report can be exported as a .txt, .csv, or .xls file for reference.

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