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Data that is not pre-flattened inside the Flattened Participant Universe may be flattened using the Query Wizard inside ETO, as the process outlined below describes.

While there are ways to flatten data within the ETO Results tool, this method is the fastest and easiest, and it is the only method that does not require that data be re-flattened for each ETO Results report where it is needed.

Some data, such as "Custom Employment", is not yet available at all within the existing ETO Results Universes and can be made available using this same method.  

Flattening Data in the Query Wizard for ETO Results

Any data available in the Query Wizard may be made available for use in ETO Results using the process outlined below. 

1. Build a Query containing the data that needs to be made available.

  • The Query may not be edited after it is shared and any filters that are applied will impact the data that will be in ETO Results. For this reason, filters are not recommended.  

  • You should always include the Unique Identifier field from the Subject Area you have selected. This field will be used to merge your Query with other Queries you may create using the Standard or Flattened Universe.

2. Save the Query with the broadest scope (Enterprise or Site).

  • For some reports, if needed, a filter can be applied in ETO Results to narrow the scope. 

  • Note that the data in ETO Results will be reflective of the access used when the Query was built.  For this reason, it's usually best for the Enterprise Manager to build these Queries (for Enterprise customers).

  • Do not use special characters in the name of the saved Query. This includes: !@#$%^&*<>?/, etc.

3. On the Navigation Bar, go to "Site Administration", then "Manage Queries" and change "Restricted" to "Shared" within the "Report Source Status" column.


4. Check the "Shared" checkbox and select the lower role viewable.

  • The "Linked to ETO Results" check box is ALMOST NEVER used for ETO Results.

  • We recommend that you do not check that box unless you are specifically told to do so by Bonterra staff. If the box is checked, the Universe will show as a part of your "flattened" ETO Results Universe (etoXXX Participant Universe), which is typically not the best way to use a Query Wizard Universe in ETO Results.

5. Restrict to Programs or Sites as desired.

  • To make the data available for all Sites, be sure to select all of them from the pick list, or choose the "Share with ALL other Sites" option.  If you do not select a Program or Site during this process, Users from that Program or Site will be unable to run reports based on this Universe. Click "Submit". 

6. You will receive a notification that the Query will be available the following day (the process to generate the new Universe or folder is run hourly).   

7. Launch ETO Results and you will see your Query listed as a new Universe.

8. If you checked the "Linked to ETO Results" check box, select the Flattened Participant Universe.

  • This is the Universe that is named after your ETO's web address, which is typically reflective of your organization's name.  A folder within the Universe will contain the data that was included in the shared Query Wizard query. 

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