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Many times when writing reports there will be too much raw data, and it will be necessary to filter that information down so that the information that is needed will come into the report. Data may need to be limited by a specific TouchPoint, a date range, or a specific TouchPoint taken within a specific program in a specific date range.

We'll cover some of the more common uses of the Query Filters for building reports, the qualifiers, and the options to re-query or prompt.

Frequently Used Qualifiers

  • In List/Not in List

    • Use more than 1 potential filter requirement

      • Example: Site Names, TouchPoint Names, Unflattened Demographics, Caseworkers

  • Equal to/Not Equal to

    • Use for a single filter requirement

      • Example: Single answer value, a single participant/staff name, a single identifier

  • Between/Not Between

    • Use for an inclusive or exclusive date range

      • Example: TouchPoint date range, Program Start/End Date range, DOB range, Response Creation Date range

  • Matches pattern/Different from pattern

    • Use if there are several similar potential filter requirements to include or exclude. Note: patterns require a % for a wildcard

      • Example: Exclude anyone with the last name fake - Last Name Different from pattern %fake%

      • Example: Include several types of similar questions - Question Matches pattern %testing%

  • Greater than/Greater than or Equal to

    • Use if the data must be greater than the filter requirements

      • Example: Program start dates that must be after the listed date

      • Example: Case Numbers larger than the listed value

  • Less than/Less than or Equal to

    • Use if the data must be less than the filter requirements

      • Example: Program start dates that must be before the listed date

      • Example: TouchPoint Response IDs less than the listed value

  • Is Null/Is not Null

    • Use if the data must be without a value, or only have a value

      • Example: Response Unique ID Is not Null will only bring in participants with TouchPoint Responses recorded

      • Example: Program End Date Is Null will only bring in participants without a program end date recorded

Filter Options

  • Constant

    • A single value that must be matched exactly, and is typed manually

      • Example: Site Name, TouchPoint Name, a single Answer value

  • Value(s) from list

    • Several values that must be matched exactly. Note: choosing this option will bring up a list of options to choose from

      • Example: A list of TouchPoint names, a list of Program Names, a list of unflattened Demographic Names

  • Prompt

    • Creates a prompt when the report is refreshed

      • Example: A non-static date range for TouchPoints, Program Start Dates, Caseworker Names

  • Object from this query

  • Results from another query (Any)

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