How to Find Response ID in ETO and ETO Results
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Response ID is used to identify specific responses to TouchPoints. They are used in Results as context and a way to count unique responses. They are used in Batch Upload to update existing responses. They are also utilized by our SQL team.


  1. Navigate to the specific response that you want the Response ID for.

  2. This can be accomplished by navigating through View Participant/Entity/General/Collection/Family/Anonymous TouchPoints or via a Dashboard part.

  3. Click on the view icon for the responses

  4. When viewing the response, right click on the screen and select Properties. See example 1.

  5. In the Address: (URL) section, hold down the left mouse button and move your mouse down to scroll/highlight the text contained in the field.

  6. There will be a section of the URL that looks like ResponseID=X. X represents the Response ID. See example 2

  7. An example of the Address URL is as follows:

Example 1

Example 2

You may also run a TouchPoint Flat File report to generate the TouchPoint Response IDs. This can be found in the "Touchpoint Reports" section of the View Reports (NEW) page.

In ETO Results:

  1. In custom universes with flattened TouchPoint responses, Response ID is an object contained in each TouchPoint folder.

  2. In the Standard TouchPoint Universe NEW, and all other unflattened TouchPoint universes, Response Unique Identifier is an object contained in the TouchPoints folder.

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