ETO is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and iOS Safari.

For the best experiencing on desktops, we recommend at least 17 Mbps of download and 15 Mbps of upload speed. Check your internet speed here.

Users are able to complete any task that is a part of Touchpoint experience (Base, Bundle, and Add-Ons) in any of the previously mentioned browsers.

Mobile Compatibility

ETO is a browser-based software, so its functionality is more dependent on the browser you use rather than the device. However, some portable computing and tablet technology will have varying degrees of success using ETO.

Essentially, any device capable of supporting a full version of an internet browser can run ETO.

  • Machines using either Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS can run ETO.

  • Both iPads and Windows-based tablets can use ETO.

  • Android and iOS smartphones are capable of running ETO. However, it is not recommended that you do so because of the smaller screen size.

  • There are some devices such as older tablets that cannot run full versions of web browsers, and therefore cannot run ETO.

Legacy Features

All Legacy features are fully supported in Internet Explorer 11 with these settings or in Edge with these settings.

Please note that ETO Schedule and ETO Chat are not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Please note that some legacy features will never be supported in browsers other than IE or Edge (in IE mode), including:

  • Assessments (recording, editing, or managing)

  • Efforts/Points of Service (recording, editing, or managing)

  • Query Wizard (building, editing, running, or managing)

  • Some Standard Reports that require you to make selections on a Legacy Page first before running

What will happen to ETO when Microsoft stops support of internet explorer? See here.

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