Legacy Features

Legacy features are those older features from previous versions of ETO that are not updated. Legacy features are only fully functional in Internet Explorer 11.

We encourage organizations to migrate to newer features. Contact accountmanagement@socialsolutions.com with questions.

Here is a list of what our team considers to be Legacy:

Legacy Feature

Current Feature


Participant/Entity Touchpoints

Points of Service Efforts / Composites

Participant/Entity Touchpoints

Effort Qualifiers

Participant/Entity Touchpoints

Build/Manage Service Plans

Workflows / Alerts / Approvals

Wizards (Including Query Wizard)

ETO Results

Employment/Education/Drug/Criminal Records

Participant/Entity Touchpoints

Legal Cases (Depreciated)

Participant/Entity Touchpoints

ETO Reports

ETO Results

Attendance Upload

Batch Upload

Upload Files

Batch Upload

View/Edit Time Sheets

ETO Results

Program Measures

General Touchpoints

Finding Legacy Features

This is a general list to help users identify if they might be using legacy features. There are other locations in ETO that display legacy functionality.

  1. Assessments

    1. Participant History > Participant Assessments

    2. Site Administration > Manage Assessment/Survey

  2. Points of Service Efforts / Composites

    1. Program Administration > Manage Points of Service

  3. Effort Qualifiers

    1. Program Administration > Manage Effort Qualifiers

  4. Build/Manage Service Plans

    1. Program Administration > Manage All Service Plans

  5. Wizards (Including Query Wizard)

    1. Wizards > Query Wizard

    2. Wizards > Process Wizard

  6. Employment/Education/Drug/Criminal Records

  7. ETO Reports (Front end reports, different than Crystal and WEBI reports)

    1. Check out which reporting platforming you should use to best accommodate your needs.

    2. ETO Reports are located in the ETO Reports section of the Side Navigaiton

  8. Attendance Upload

    1. Site Administration > Batch Upload > Participant Attendance (POS)

  9. Upload File

    1. Try our new version, Batch Upload!

    2. Site Administration > Upload Files

  10. View/Edit Time Sheets

    1. Program Administration > View/Edit Time Sheets

  11. Program Measures

    1. Program Administration > Program Measures

Don't see these features? They may be disabled as your Enterprise is using non-legacy features!

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