Collections are saved groupings of participants or entities that can be used to track data about the grouping. You can record data for all the members of the collection at one time via TouchPoints.
An Administrator must first create a collection type before a collection roster. 

Once the Collection has been created, users can edit, disable, or delete the collection and Manage the Subjects within the collection.

Collections are best used for reoccurring events with the same roster of participants. Groups that meet less frequently or often change should be recorded with Multiple Participant Touchpoints. 

For more information…

On technical issues with Collections:
On available Collections training labs:

Setting Up Collection Types:
1. Manage and Set Up Security for Collection Types
2. Creating a Collection Type
3. Disabling a Collection

Setting Up Collection Rosters
1. Creating a Collection Roster
2. Disabling and Removing Collection Members
3. Collection Dashboard

Record Collection Touchpoints
1. Recording a Collection Touchpoint
2. Viewing Collection Touchpoints

Videos on Collections:

  1. Video | Create New Collection Type
  2. Video | Setting up Security for Collection Types
  3. Video | Add Questions to Collection Type
  4. Video | Edit Existing Collection Types

Reporting on Collections

  1. Check In Reports for Collections
  2. Reporting on Collection Responses
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