The below universes are recommended to utilize in ETO Results:

  • Standard Entity Universe
    contains Entity ID and objects, Assessments, Referrals (Legacy only), Point of Service Efforts, Program Enrollment, Groups, Universe Dimensions
  • Standard Programs Universe
    contains Program ID, Assessments, Points of Service Efforts, Program Capacity, Services Provided, Universe Dimensions
  • Standard Reference Universe
    contains Subject ID, and mostly ID information for objects in ETO (sites, programs, demographics, assessments, points of service, touchpoints, workflows), and some staff information
  • Standard Survey Universe
    contains objects related to survey assessments - does not contain any subject information
  • Standard Schedule Universe
    contains objects for the Schedule feature in ETO
  • Standard Family Universe
    contains participant and family ID, program enrollments, assessments, points of service efforts, referrals (legacy)
  • Standard Staff Universe
    contains staff ID and objects for information found in Manage User Accounts (user role, caseload information, log in data)
  • Standard Workflow Universe
    contains workflow objects, subject ID, universe dimensions
  • Reference - (Just has structure info, good for reference)

Universe Dimensions are available in many universes for different date types (today, this month, last month, etc.).

Note: The only standard universe that will display participant information is the Standard Participant Universe and the Standard Touchpoint Universe NEW. 

In addition to these, you can also use any custom universe created.

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