Missing Demographics in Reports
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Things to check if your report is missing demographic data:

  • If your report is using flattened custom demographics, the data needs 24 hours from the time it is entered into ETO to sync to ETO Results.
    Flattened standard demographics (First Name, Last Name, DOB, etc.) will pull in immediately.

  • If you recently added a custom demographic in ETO, you will need to re-flatten/refresh the Universe you are using to see that new demographic in the Query.

  • If you are still not seeing the demographics in the available objects, ensure that data is recorded against them, and the Universe has been re-flattened since the data was recorded.

Sometimes demographics are not pulling values because there are multiple demographics with the same name. For example, you may have a custom demographic in your Site for 'Race', but you might see multiple demographics with the name 'Race'. This is pretty common, and ensuring you are pulling the correct demographic will help you get the data you are looking for.

If you are unsure of which demographic you need to use, you can use the Standard Participant Universe (unflattened data) to find the ID of the demographic. This data will be available immediately, so you can see which demographics have values.

Flattened custom demographics will always have an identifier in the object name. For example, Race_4567 will be a custom demographic, while Race will be the standard demographic.

In the above image, Race_4567 is filled out for the Participant; however, it was recorded recently and is not immediately available in the flattened data.

Demographic IDs will vary across Sites. A demographic with a negative ID indicates that it is a standard demographic.

For more information, please contact ETO Customer Support.

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