Users can refine the data set returned within a report by using the Filter tools within the Design View. There are three Filter Tools:

  • Report Filters: Applied to a single report tab. They are similar to Query Filters but that you cannot prompt on them.
  • Filter Bar (Simple Filter): Allows end users running the report to narrow a report for one value in a dimension at a time
  • Input Controls: A flexible way to allow end users to filter reports. Unlike Simple Filters, the look, feel, and operation of these filters can be customized. Input Controls can be applied to individual report pages or the whole document.

Report Filters:

  1. Click the Analysis tab
  2. Click the Filters sub tab
  3. Click the Report Filter icon

4. The Report Filter window will open. Select the section of the report where the filter should be applied. Report Filters can apply to a section, a table, or a report tab
5. To define the filter, click Add Filter in the upper right corner
6. Select the appropriate objects to apply as a filter. To select more then one object at a time, hold CTRL
7. Click OK
8. Select the properties for the filter(s) and click OK
9. To remove the report filter, click the area where the filter is applied. Click Remove Filter or Remove All.

Filter Bar:

  1. Click the Analysis tab
  2. Click the Interact sub tab
  3. Click the Filter Bar icon

4. Click the simple filter icon to add filters 

5. To remove a simple filter, click the filter within the filter bar and select (Remove)

Input Controls:

  1. Click the Analysis tab
  2. Click the Filters sub tab
  3. Click Input Controls

4. Choose the object to filter on. Click Next
5. Select the desired option for user selection
 -Simple Selection: Allows users to chose one value
 -Multiple Selection: Allows users to choose several values
 -Values can appear as radio buttons, check boxes, a list, numbers on a sliding scale, etc.
6. Select the part of the report where the filter will apply. This section is similar to the mapping area

  • Once the filter is applied, end users can modify the information displayed in the report by operating the input control
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