How to Set Input Controls
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General Input Control Setup

  1. Click the "Analysis" tab

  2. Click the "Filters" sub-tab

  3. Click "Input Controls"

  4. Choose the Object to filter on. Click Next.

  5. Choose the control and its associated properties

  6. Select the desired option for User selection:

    1. Simple Selection: Allows Users to choose one value

    2. Multiple Selection: Allows Users to choose several values

    3. Values can appear as radio buttons, check boxes, a list, numbers on a sliding scale, etc.

  7. Select the part of the report where the filter will apply. This section is similar to the mapping area

  8. Once the filter is applied, end Users can modify the information displayed in the report by operating the Input Control on the left side navigation options.

Input Control Configuration for Dashboard Reports

When input controls are utilized on a report that is launched from a dashboard in Results, users have encountered issues in loading the report.

The issue does not happen if the user opens the report on a tab that does not include an input control.

Because this is an SAP Business Objects issue that is addressed in future SAP BO versions, we recommend working around this issue for the time being.

The easiest workaround for this will be to make sure the report is saved on a tab that has no input control so the report opens on this tab.

If there are no tabs without input controls, create a "cover page" with no input control. This can be a blank report tab or include any text or data, as long as it does not include an input control.

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