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#Enterprise The Report dashboard part displays Standard and Custom reports, including custom reports built with ETO Results.

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There are three ways to place a report on a dashboard for easy visibility and access.

Links to reports from dashboard messages allow users to access relevant reports without adding any lag time to loading the dashboard. Some HTML tricks can allow these reports to run with automatic prompts like "Auto Participant ID" and "Auto Collection ID".

Embedded reports are limited in their style. They are best for very simple charts and tables. These reports can utilize a range of the automatic prompts like "Auto Participant ID" and "Auto Collection ID".

Webi reports allow users to see a report from the dashboard without clicking any other buttons. The standard (Webi) report viewer can use filters for Staff ID, Participant Site Identifier or Entity Site Identifier where the prompt text is "PID".  These reports can take longer to load and can causes slowness across dashboards. 

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