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Private, tailored training is available for purchase in 4-hour blocks or as a part of the Platinum Support Package. In the scheduling process you will be asked to choose from our menu of topics to create a training session that best meets your needs. You can opt for an Administrator-focused session or content designed for your End Users. Read more about each training option below.

If you are interested in purchasing private training or learning more about Platinum Support, please reach out to our Account Management team:

End User Options

Choose one of the following:

End User Training

Introduction to ETO for staff who will use the system day-to-day with live demonstration and hands-on activities. Covers terminology and how to navigate your configuration. Choose one Program per 4-hour session with select forms to walk through data entry. Can include a brief reporting demo and other end user features as relevant.

Purchase one 4-hour session per Program. The first hour will be used to tailor the content and the remaining 3 hours will be to train your users. Repeat trainings for the same Program are available for an additional 3 hours.

Train the Trainer

Above End User Training with the addition of guidance for your Admin to take on future trainings internally. Content will be tailored to your organization’s workflow with one round of feedback. This training requires two 4-hour sessions so your Admin can shadow a Bonterra trainer first and then run through the content themselves with support.

Administrator Topics

Choose up to four topics per 4-hour session (1 hour each):

ETO Navigation

Understand all of the areas within ETO you can access via the Navigation Bar and learn how to customize to best meet your organization’s needs.

Sites & Programs

Review ETO structure and learn how to manage and maintain your site.

Managing Users

Learn best practices in adding and managing users, including assigning roles and granting access to specific features.

Building TouchPoints

Learn how to create and modify TouchPoint forms.

Participants & Demographics

Learn how to manage Standard Demographics and create Custom Demographics for collecting information about Participants.

Entities & Attributes

Review how to set up and manage Entity types, Entity sub-types and Entity Attributes.


Learn how to set up and manage the Caseload functionality for Programs and Users, including reporting on Caseload activity.


Learn how to create, manage and modify Collections to capture information about groupings.


Learn how to populate the Services Provided Feeder table and assign those services to Programs and Providers (entities) for use in the Referral function. Includes how to add, edit, redirect, delete, and customize Referrals forms.

Batch Upload

Review how to import data into ETO in bulk.


Learn how to create Workflows by assigning conditions to trigger messages or steps and automate the data entry process.


Learn how to create and manage Alerts that send automated notifications to Users to inform them of Participant progress or remind them of tasks.


Best practices for using the Connect portal, allowing Participants to log in and review their Program history as well as enter new TouchPoint responses.


Learn how to configure and manage integrated calendar scheduling.

Standard Reports

Learn how to run and utilize standard reports, including Demographic Reports and TouchPoint Reports.

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