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Downloading ETO Attendance Scanner

This feature is only available for organizations using Points of Service and Assessments.

The ETO Attendance Scanner will need to be downloaded for each computer that will be using this feature, but it will only need to download one time. To download the ETO Attendance Scanner, first log into ETO and select the Marketplace tab on the side navigation bar. Select the Free Add-Ons link at the top of the page. Scroll down on the page until the listing for the ETO Attendance Scanner is found. Select the name of the feature or the View Details button to the right of the listing.

The page will load with instructions for downloading the scanner tool. Select the Download button at the top or bottom of the page. The instructions note the following system requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

  • NET Framework 4.0

  • Windows Updates have all been completed

Next, the necessary fonts must be downloaded. If the fonts are not installed the barcode printouts will appear blank, with only the text displaying. To download fonts select the link that says "Click here to download the appropriate fonts."

Make note of the validation code listed on this page. When the utility is launched for the first time it will need to be entered.

After selecting the Download button the download utility will launch. Continue selecting Next in each dialog box that launches until the tool is successfully downloaded. The ETO Attendance Scanner application can be accessed from the desktop of from the start menu. Lauch the application to begin using it.

First Time Logging into the ETO Attendance Scanner

When the ETO Attendance Scanner is launched for the first time, it is necessary to enter in the Validation Code discussed in the step above. The code is 32 characters long, not including spaces and will only need to be entered the first time the ETO Attendance Scanner is accessed. Again, this can be found on the ETO Attendance Scanner page under the Free Download options for the Marketplace. It is recommended to copy the Validation Code from that page and pasting it into the box so there is less chance of a mistake. After entering the number, select the Submit button.

Next, enter in the Username and Password used to access ETO and select the correct site from the drop box. Note: it is not required for users to be logged into ETO in order to access this tool. It is required to be connected to the Internet.

Setting Up the Scanner

Once the feature is downloaded and logged into, the screen will display as it does in the image below. Next both the scanner ID and the Contact Location Method will need to be set up. To do this, go to the Scanner menu in the top, left-hand corner, then select Options. After selecting Options, a new pop up will appear that will provide the Application Settings and Attendance Options.

Application Settings:

Validation Code: This code was what was entered upon initial login to the ETO Attendance Scanner (Note: This only needs to be entered during first login). This will be the only option that will be automatically filled out on this page.

Scanner Device Id: The options showing on this drop down are populated with the USB devices that are currently connected to the computer in use. When selecting the ID, the correct option is usually the one that ends with ‘00’. To test to make sure the correct one is selected, when scanning in participants, the process should be able to be completed without having the cursor in the box (next to the Submit button). If the cursor is required to be in that box, the Scanner Device ID section on this page should be used to select a different ID.

Attendance Options:

Default Contact Method: This drop down is populated from the "Participant Contact Locations/Methods" Feeder Table in ETO. If the drop down is blank, it is frequently because there are two or more identical options. Disabling or altering the duplicates should resolve the issue. Whichever option is selected will automatically be populated as the Contact Location for the participants scanned.

Birthday Alert Fields: This is an optional setting whereby an Alert Sound can be selected so that when a participant is scanned in and it is the person's birthday, the song/sound will play. The Birthday Alert Field pulls from the DOB submitted for the participant in ETO on the View/Edit page.

Recording Attendance

Once the scanner is set up, it can be used to record Attendance for participants. The user account used to login to the Attendance Scanner will be associated with the efforts recorded.

To start, first scan the Activity barcode so that the Program and Attendance Point of Service is submitted before beginning to scan participants. The Program automatically populates based on the Activity/Attendance Point of Service that you scanned. After the activity is scanned, the Program and the Activity will populate in the upper, left-hand corner under the Site Name.

*Note: If a barcode is scanned and nothing seems to happen, check to make sure the scanner is plugged in correctly. If it is plugged then go back to the Options… page and make sure that the correct Scanner Device ID is selected*

If there are no issues with scanning the Activity, begin scanning in the participants. The ETO Attendance Scanner is set up for Front Desk Mode (i.e. multiple check-ins) by default, but it will behave like Continuous Mode. This means that it will automatically track attendance as “Yes” attendance. If a participant is scanned in it is assumed that the participant was present for the Activity.

When a participant’s barcode is scanned, the participant will populate onto the screen with the check-in time. If a pop up alert displays for the participant (from the Alert standard demographic), it will need to be closed in order to continue to scan in other participants.

This feature offers the option to display a pop up window with demographic information for each participant scanned in.To set up this feature, the ETO Administrator must select the "Scanner Application Options" under the Manage Demographics section of ETO. Check off the boxes for each demographic that should display when participants are scanned in. If the staff scanning participants in should be alerted about specific demographic information, check off the boxes under the Alerts column. If the Birthday Alert feature is being used the DOB demographic should be selected.

If these options are checked off and an alert appears upon scanning in a participant, view the notification you scan and then click “Check-in.”

A running list of participants will appear in the module after each one is in scanned in.

When a participant is scanned in, the Check-in Time is automatically populated. When the participant is scanned again for the same activity, a Check-out Time will be assigned in ETO. The participant will also be removed from the list of participants and will no longer appear on this page.

To automatically check out the participants at the end of the day, use the Nightly Check-Out option, found on the Manage Barcode Sync Settings on the Manage Demographics page. This will automatically check out all of the participants scanned in using the ETO Attendance Scanner. The check out time will appear as 11:55PM that night.

Using the ETO Attendance Scanner in Background Mode

The ETO Attendance Scanner allows for the ability to run the feature in background mode. This means that the application does not need to accessed or selected when scanning participants. Once logged into the ETO Attendance Scanner and scanned in the Activity, the module can be minimized and participants can continue to be scanned in.

To activate this feature, confirm that the correct device is selected in the Scanner Options. Also, remember to scan the activity first. After confirming the correct device is selected and the Activity is scanned, the application can be minimized. When the feature is minimize, a message will appear to inform users that the utility is still running.

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