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This is an efficient functionality for recording attendance in ETO Software™ (which can also be handled in Multiple Participant Efforts). It has specific attendance rules that will help you most effectively and correctly capture attendance data:

This feature is built around the date for which you are intending to record attendance. You will not be able to record attendance for Participants whose start date is after the date of attendance or for Participants who have already had the selected activity recorded on the selected date. This prevents inaccurate data entry.

Simply follow these steps to use this functionality:

  1. First, choose the date on which you wish to Record Attendance and Submit.

  2. Next, choose your Attendance Outcome/Activity from the drop-down list and Submit.

  3. You have the option of recording an effort with a Group you’ve created in the Manage Groups functionality under the Participants section of the navigation bar. Selecting Group will also give the option of recording the effort with a Family (if the members are enrolled in your current program) or the current members of a Housing Unit in your program. The Participant option allows you to choose from a list of all Participants currently enrolled in your Program (you can select all of the Participants or a subset of them). Click Submit once you’ve made your choice.
    NOTE: There are several rules that determine if a group will be made available to record attendance. All but the first item on this list can be corrected through Manage Groups.

  4. As you know, ETO Software™ is unique in that it asks you to be specific about which of your organizationally-defined Outcomes/Activities you’re working on with the Participants you’ve chosen. Select the Outcome/Activity from the drop-down box and Submit

  5. Fully complete the Record Participant Attendance page, which may contain some or all of the following elements:

    1. Contact Location, which is a required field populated by the Site Administrator in the Manage Feeder Tables functionality

    2. Date of Contact, which is a required field and set in this page based on the date chosen in the step before

    3. Date of Next Contact, which will only appear if you are doing attendance with a Group. This date is the date you will next be working with this Group on this Outcome, and it gets the Group on to your To Do List and helps you manage your caseload. There are quick links to 1, 7,30, and 90 days to the right of the date picker. This date can not be prior to today’s date.

    4. New Value for Outcome, which allows you to update your former value or set your initial value for this Outcome/Activity; Check the box if the participant is in attendance, leave the box unchecked if the participant is not in attendance, but was expected to be (if a participant was not required to be in attendance they should not be recorded on this screen as this will record an absence in their history and affect their attendance rate). NOTE: Last Value Assigned, which in this case will be their last attendance value (Yes if in attendance on the previous date and No if absent on the previous date). If this is the first time this Outcome has been paired with this Participant, you will see No values have been set

    5. Time Spent on Contact: This is the amount of time (in minutes) that you spent with the Participant(s) on this contact. If you are working with a group, the time is counted for each participant separately in their records, but the staff recording the effort will only be credited with one total record of the time

    6. Notes, which accommodates up to 7,250 characters and will accommodate cut and paste from Microsoft Word and Outlook/emails, etc. A case note recorded with multiple Participants will flow to each Participant’s individual case file, so the note should be general.

  6. Submit the effort by clicking on Record Effort.

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