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Legacy | Barcode Sync, Attendance Scanner, ETO Check-In
Legacy | Barcode Sync, Attendance Scanner, ETO Check-In
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ETO Barcode sync and ETO Attendance Scanner are free add-ons that work with Points of Service and Assessments to make attendance easy to record.

ETO Check-In is a free add-on that works with TouchPoint Attendance elements to make attendance easy to record.

Legacy / Group Activities

Legacy / Assessment

TouchPoint Attendance

Able to configure with three distinct modes

  1. Front Desk: Each participant scanned will prompt the user with the key demographics configure in ETO. User will have the option to check-in/check-out participant on this screen,

  2. Continuous: Participants will be automatically check-in/checked-out when scanning the barcode without the need for additional input.

  3. Batch Mode: All check-in/check-out data is stored in the client until the sync button is pushed. This is ideal for work sites where internet connection is not stable.

Allows users to scan barcodes for participant groups.

Functions in Front Desk mode when in focus and Continuous mode when minimized.

Allows users to minimize the application and it continues to receive USB barcode unputs.

Functions for individual Participant attendance and Collection attendance.

User must be logged in to ETO with a valid session while scanning barcodes for check-in and check-out.

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