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Check-In | Scanning Attendance

Mobile devices can scan the Participant/Collection QR codes. Desktops with barcode scanners can scan the Participant/Collection barcodes.

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Scanning Attendance

Prior to scanning in attendance, the barcode scanner will need to be plugged in to the computer. Most barcode scanners are USB-based and operate on a plug-and-play functionality.  Please consult your barcode scanner manual to confirm that the correct installation steps have been followed for your barcode scanner. Additionally, Check-In is compatible with QR Code Scanners, and can be scanned in using mobile devices.

Scanning Attendance (Participants)

To scan for individual Participants, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Record the TouchPoint by accessing Record TouchPoints on the Navigation Bar.

Step 2: Select the Attendance TouchPoint with the Check-In functionality and click "Scan Attendance". Disclaimer: there must be one ETO Check-In Element within the TouchPoint.

Step 3: The Attendance scanner will page will open. Users can either scan a Participant ID card, or can type in the Participant Identifier in manually. If using the Participant Identifier, This will match the Participant ID in ETO, with a 'P' preceding the number (see below, example: P40057).

Step 4: Scan the Participant in using the barcode or QR Code scanner. When the "Submit" button is clicked, the Participant will be checked in.  The data will be updated in ETO in real time. Once a Participant barcode is scanned in, a TouchPoint Response will be created.

Alternately, Users can type in the Participant identifier in manually. This Participant Identifier will match the Participant ID in ETO with a 'P' preceding the number.

Step 5: When the time comes to check a Participant out, repeat the process, and scan the Participant out. This will populate the check out date and time.

Scanning Attendance (Collection)

Step 1: Record the TouchPoint by accessing "Record TouchPoints".

Step 2: Select the Attendance TouchPoint with the Check-in functionality and click Scan Attendance.

Step 3: Scan the barcode for the collection from the Barcode Collection Report

Step 4: This will populate all members of the Collection in on the scanning page. By default, all Collection members will show in the "Attended" column as “No”.

Step 5: Users will then scan in each individual member who is present using the Participant barcode or QR Code.  This will change their response to “Yes” for the "Attended" column, along with the Check-In date and time. Users may also manually click the green circle to check the individual Participants in.

Step 6: Once the session is complete, users will scan the collection barcode or QR Code to “check out” the Participants. This will populate the check-out date and time. 

Recording Check-In on Mobile Devices

Check-In can be recorded on mobile devices! To set up your mobile device to scan barcodes or QR Codes, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Access the Social Solutions Check-In website.  This web address will be

Step 2: Select the ellipses in the top right corner of your browser (must be done in Chrome or Safari mobile browsers).

Step 3: From the menu select “Add to Home Screen”.

Step 4: If desired, Name the Shortcut, and click “Add” to create the icon.

Step 5: Drag the icon to your Desired home screen or select “Add Automatically" to have the icon placed on the home screen.

Step 6: You will see the icon on your home screen. To open the site, tap the icon.

Step 7: The web application will open in a mobile-friendly standalone browser window. Login using your username and password for ETO, and select your Enterprise and Site, if needed.  

Step 8: Select the Program and TouchPoint to record.

Step 9: Click the Camera Icon to scan the QR Code.  Scan, and the Participant will be scanned in.  Repeat the scanning process to check the Participant out.  Additionally, you may enter P + Participant Site ID in the text box and hit "Submit" to perform the same actions.  

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