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Release Notes | 20.42.0 | Internal Family Referrals
Release Notes | 20.42.0 | Internal Family Referrals

Available 5/19/22

Updated over a week ago


This release includes the addition of Families to Internal Referrals capabilities. This release now enables the transition from Legacy Referrals to Referrals for existing Family Referrals users. We expect overall a more intuitive user experience for Referrals.

Feature Summary

  1. You can now add, edit, and search Internal Referrals by Family or Participant

  2. Family referrals can also be accepted or rejected in the Pending Referrals section

  3. Referrals (New) is renamed Internal Referrals and Referrals (Old) is renamed Referrals Legacy

Referring a Family using Internal Referrals

Dashboard Updates

My Dashboard now features Families as recent referrals and includes a drop down where you can open a drop down of recent Internal Referrals by Family and edit, accept or reject individuals within that family by selecting the kebab/vertical ellipses menu.

Adding Internal Family Referrals

You can now add a referral by Participant or Family by selecting the Subject Type from a drop down in the Add Referrals menu option. Depending on if you’ve selected Family or Participant, the results will change. Notably, you will have the family drop-down available when Families are selected.

Participant View:

Family View:

View/ Edit Referrals

Searching for Referrals in View/Edit can now be done by Participant or Family. To ensure you are searching correctly, select Participant or Family next to Subject Type. Then you can type in a name for the results.

When you search for a family, the Search Results will show a Family name group and a member count. Once the plus sign on the left side is selected, a drop-down will appear with all family members, their age, and Date of Birth.

To see more information or to Edit a Participant from here, you will select the eye icon under the Take Action column. You will then be shown a window with more referral information on the Participant selected, which can be edited or shared.

Pending Referrals

There is now an option to view Families under Pending Referrals. Depending on your permissions, you can accept or reject a family as a whole or accept or reject individual Participants in that family.

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