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Question Element | Demographics/Program Information
Question Element | Demographics/Program Information
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This element will serve as a cross-reference for demographic or program information. It will auto populate the participant’s demographic or program name/program start date in the program where the TouchPoint is being recorded.

Demographic (Standard and Custom)

Populates the participant demographic data for the demographic selected.

Program Information

Populates the participant program data for the program where the response is being created.

Set Up

  1. Manage Touchpoints > Edit a Touchpoint

  2. Add Question

  3. Select "Demographics/Program Information Element"

  4. Select a Value

  5. Update Name of value if display should be different


  • This question can be hidden from the end user using conditional logic. Data will still be recorded.

  • Data is point in time. If the participants demographic data updates, the response would need to be edited and saved to populate the new demographic data in the touchpoint response.

  • Program data is populated from the program where the response is being completed.

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