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Question Element | Program Enrollment Cross Reference
Question Element | Program Enrollment Cross Reference
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This element will serve as a cross-reference for enrollment dates. It will provide a list of the participant’s enrollments in the program where the TouchPoint is being recorded. Each record will display as the date that the participant was enrolled. The list will identify which enrollment is the current enrollment.

Set Up

From Manage Touchpoints, select the desired Touchpoint, add a Question, and choose Program Enrollment Cross Reference.

Limit Enrollments to one Record: If you save a record with a particular Enrollment value, then that value will not appear as an option in the drop-down when saving records in the future.

Recording Data

Touchpoints > Record Touchpoints > Select Touchpoint > Find Element

The element will show a drop-down list of program enrollments from most recent to oldest.

Limitation: Reporting on Enrollment Cross Reference

This data element is primarily used for our HMIS template. Therefore, the translation to ETO Results is not as beneficial for other users. The answer for this element currently shows a string of characters relating to the unique enrollment for the participant. However, there is not a comparable data object in results to merge the field to.

This element is most beneficial to a user who needs to see the data in the UI. Right now, it is not a robust reporting object, though our product team is aware of the functionality gap and is looking to make improvements in the future.

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