How to fix a bad ETO Session
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When logging in to ETO, users should login directly to the main login page specific to their country.

USA: https:/

CA: https:/

AUS: https:/

If a user logs out improperly or logins in with an old URL link, they will see ETO without the side navigation and upper search bar, like below:

A good session has "secure" in the URL and the user has access to the side and upper navigation bar, like below:

When a user repeatedly encounters the ETO screen without the side and upper navigation bars, we suggest:

  1. Logging out of ETO

  2. Clear Browser Cache

  3. Navigate to ETO without using an old bookmark

    • USA: https:/

    • CA: https:/

    • AUS: https:/

  4. Record any steps the user is taking to recreate the bad session. Opening ETO in two tabs is not suggested and may result in a bad session.

  5. Contact support if the issue continues to re-occur. Provide us with all the steps the user takes to encounter the bad session, .

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