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The Results 4.3 upgrade includes an autosave function. When you are editing a report, Results will automatically save your progress before the workspace session times out. It does not save the report file that you’re working on, instead, it saves a copy into the "My Favorites" > "~Webintelligence" folder.

Results will not save multiple copies of each report, the save file is overwritten every autosave, but if you are working on multiple reports at the same time it will save each in its own file.

They will be named with a do_not_use_ naming addition to prevent confusion with the real report.

View Reports:

While there is no way to prevent these autosaved reports from showing on "View Reports", you are able to delete them, or hide them using "View Reports".

To delete the copy of the report, you can follow these steps:

  1. On the Navigation Bar, on the left side of ETO, expand "Reports".

  2. Select "ETO Results" to open the Reporting Dashboard.

  3. Select "Documents" in the top left corner. This should open up your "My Favorites" folder.

  4. Under "My Favorites", select the "~Webintelligence" folder.

  5. Right-click on the name of the report you would like to delete.

  6. On the fly-out menu, hover over "Organize".

  7. Select "Delete".

  8. Click "OK" to delete the report.

Alternately, you can use "View Reports (NEW)" to access reports, rather than View Reports. View Reports (NEW) allows you to set the security on which reports show and who is able to view them.

Deleting these reports will not delete the original copy. While the reports do autosave, it is still highly recommended to save the report often to prevent the loss of any changes.

Important Notes:

  • Web Intelligence is administratively configured for 'autosave', and if you have the appropriate security rights, Web Intelligence saves your documents automatically in the My Favorites / ~Web Intelligence folder as you work.

  • Web Intelligence uses the document name prefixed by "do_not_use" and the document ID and followed by the autosaved document ID to name autosaved documents.

  • Note: Do not 'manually' save reports into the ~Web Intelligence folder!

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